The Build Builders Live Experience

What We Will Cover

We Build Builders® LIVE is the only event sharp enough to teach you cutting-edge house building strategies and introduce you to other like-minded, purpose driven entrepreneurs. We Build Builders® LIVE is perfect for attendees who MUST achieve financial freedom for themselves, the people they love, and generations to follow.
We Build Builders® LIVE
What We Will Cover
  • How to estimate the cost to build a house by using our simple plug-in formulas.
  • How to get started with little to no money and the steps you’ll need to take for success.
  • How to find private lenders and get them to fund your deals. We will also show you how to work with hard money lenders even if you have bad or no credit
  • Creative ways to structure your deals.  We will go over real-life examples.
  • How to find and quickly evaluate land to determine if the deal could be profitable.
  • Why you don’t need a General Contractor license or have any special experience to get started.
  • How to build your team of subs, engineers, surveyors, etc.
  • How to avoid major pitfalls that can cost you thousands
  • Hear from all of our Keynote Speakers

Phase 1 Plans and Permits
Phase 2 Site Work
Phase 3 Foundations
​​Phase 4 Framing/Dry In
Phase 5 Mechanical
Phase 6 Exterior (Roof, Siding, Etc.)
Phase 7 Interior (Kitchens, Tile, Bathrooms, etc.)
Phase 8 Utilities
Phase 9 Outdoor (Landscaping, driveways, etc.)
Phase 10 Project Completion

  • We will visit Real Properties
  • Each property will be in a different stage, so you’ll see foundation, framing, mechanicals and everything that goes into a house upfront
  • You’ll have a change to ask questions see everything you learned in the class in person
  • You get real insight into what goes into the house to maximize profits
  • You’ll learn insider Builder Secrets on managing projects effectively saving time and money
  • You’ll learn specialized knowledge and techniques that the general public is not privy to.
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